The door lock uses the digital touch sensor entry and exit method. Therefore, the product is simple as it has convenient functions and can be used with simple manipulations.
Classification explanations
DDL-300 DDL-310
Electric power  DC 6V (Alkaline batteries, 1.5V 42EA / SIZE AA)
the Lifespan of the battery the lifespan of the battery is 1 year (based on using 10 times per day). Changes are possible according to the temperature, humidity, and the frequency of use.
How to open  Secret number / Electronic (chip) key
Environment temperature  -15 ~ 50
Size  Inside 70(W) 150(H) 20(D) mm 57(W) 136(H) 25(D) mm
 Outside 97(W) 178(H) 40(D) mm 97(W) 178(H) 40(D) mm
Materials  Zinc/Aluminum Die casting
The touch pad method.
The product can be used conveniently by detecting electric currents at the end of the fingers through the intermission of the electric power method.
Super-slim Design
DDL-310 / DDL-300
The functions of opening and inputting the secret number.
The secret number is a number with between 4 to 12 digits, which can be changed as required
The functions of automatically closing/closing again.
If you close the door, the door lock is closed automatically. Also, if you do not open the door
within 7 seconds after opening, the door becomes closed again automatically.
The mischief prevention function.
If you attempt to open the door with a secret code that has not been set up previously, all operations are intercepted (The door lock becomes normalized three minutes after the interception)
The function of informing the user about the time to change the batteries.
  When the time comes for changing the batteries, the user is informed by a buzzer sound.
The function of supplying emergency electric power (DC 9V).
The functions of preparing in advance for electric shock, fire and durability.
  Satisfying the regulatory standards of KS, KPS
The functions of the trespassing alarm
  The alarm sounds when a person enters through the door by damaging the door lock or from the exterior by an abnormal method.
The double closing function.
  There is an enforced closing function so that one cannot use a part or all of the functions from the interior.
The back lighting functions.
  The number plate can be distinguished easily, even at night.