The home network system is a household automation system that pursues pleasantness and safety through the control of the various devices needed for family life in the residential space.
The product is a single body type, which has internalized an air freshener and an indoor electric power part into the home network. It is an innovative and ubiquitous product that can be connected to the home network. It is a product that has emphasized onvenience with the unit cost reduction effect and the sophisticated design(Only the DHA-2007T / 3007T)
The DHA-4010T/5010S is a product that has increased convenience of use by incorporating the basic functions of home automation into the standard method.
Classification explanations
DHA-5010S DHA-4010T DHA-3007T DHA-2007T DHA-200
Electric power  AC 220V / 50~60Hz / 8W
LCD 10.2 inch wide LCD 7 inch wide LCD
Conversation the method of conversation with the speaker phone.
Telecommunication 485 telecommunication
Environment temperature -15 ~ 50 0 ~ 45 -15 ~ 50
Size Body 360(W) 210(H) 66(D) mm 320(W) 200(H) 69(D) mm 270(W) 570(H) 105(D) mm 270(W) 390(H) 65(D) mm 320(W) 214(H) 69(D) mm
Filling-in box - 290(W) 180(H) 100(D) mm 267(W) 567(H) 100(D) mm 267(W) 400(H) 100(D) mm 290(W) 180(H) 100(D) mm
Health/environment functions
Sterilization of air by using a photocatalytic
  Checking of the temperature/humidity
The video phone conversation function.
Voice memo recording/playing
  Checking the visitors while away from the home
  Video checking of visitors at the front door of the house and the front door used together.
  Phone conversations with the telephone, the guardroom, the front door of the house, and the front door used together.
The safety management function
The setting up/cancellation of going out and crime prevention
The transmission of emergency warning to the guardroom.
The transmission of crime prevention and disaster prevention warnings to the guardroom
The function of connecting to the surrounding devices (optional)
Connection to the TV in the kitchen.
Connection to the telephone in the bathroom and the TV in the bathroom.
Connection to the sub-home auto
Connection to the door lock at the front door of the house
Connection to the opening of the door used together
Connection to the car parking control
Connection to the unmanned door-to-door service
Connection to the remote meter checking
Connection to the dispatching guards
The control of the convenience functions-the ARS remote place control (optional)
The function of turning on and turning off the illumination
The function of intercepting gas
The function of turning on and turning off the heating