This is a product with which one can watch the TV and engage in monitoring conveniently from any angle as it uses the 90 degrees up and down and 270 degrees from left to right. The product has the touch keypad function that detects electric currents at the end of the fingers through the intermission of the electric power method.(Only the DAV-300M Series)
Classification explanations
DAV-200 DAV-307M DAV-310M DAV-200 DAV-310B
Electric power  AC 220V / 50~60Hz / 8W
LCD 7 inch wide LCD 10.2 inch wide LCD
Conversation the method of conversation with the speaker phone.
Telecommunication 485 telecommunication(telecommunication 2/ conversation 2/ video 2)
Environment temperature -15 ~ 50
Size Body 380(W) 35(H) 23(D) mm
Filling-in box 269(W) 126(H) 30(D) mm 267(W) 167(H) 30(D) mm
The video phone conversation function.
Answering and calling with the telephone and recording/playing messages.
  Conversations with the front door of the house, the front door for use together, and the guardroom (optional)
  Opening the front door of the house and the front door for use together (optional)
The safety management function
The transmission of emergency warning to the guardroom (optional)
Watching the TV and listening to the radio.
Watching the TV from a range of angles (rotating 90 degrees up and down, rotating 270 degrees left to right)
Listening to the stereo FM radio.
The function of automatically selecting the channel.
Watching digital broadcasts (optional)
Convenient functions
The time indication function
The watch alarm function
Touch buttons with which the use of the manipulation part is convenient.
The cooking manual function (optional)