The supply of fresh air can be received silently through a range of air flow adjustments. Connection to the home network is possible, which means that the product can be used conveniently.
Ventilation EA Indoor discharged air (polluted indoor air), SA delivery Indoor delivered air (fresh cool or heated air), Outside air OA Outdoor induction air (fresh air), RA ventilation Indoor induction air (polluted cool and warm air), Deodorization filters, high-capacity filters, ventilation motor, indoor air, outdoor air.The plate-type partitions have been specially processed with the electric heat exchanger structure of the direct exchange plate type. The partitions are completely separated by the delivery and discharge passages. This means that they are not combined and always supply fresh air only. Also, they use the heat delivery and water penetration of processed paper. When the delivered air and the exhaust air are passed through the ventilation system, the electric heat (temperature and humidity) is exchanged.
Aperture for the delivered air, aperture for the exhaust air, external finishing, double pulverulant body plating, installation form, filling in of the ceiling, or hanger type, air flow adjustment, two-phase air flow adjustment.
Remote control for exclusive use, indoor ceiling, main body, outdoor external walls
The simultaneous ventilation of many indoor spaces through the installation of flexible ducts.
Diverse selections according to the indoor interior without any external product exposure.
The setting up of the strength, weakness, and artificial intelligence according to the use of the building.
The low-noise design method.
The control is convenient because of the connection to the home network system.
The function of sounding the alarm in the case of fire or theft.
Polluted cold air, fresh cold air, polluted hot air, fresh hot air, when it is 22 degrees centigrade in temperature indoors, -10 degrees centigrade at the outside temperature, winter season (when heated)
The prevention of energy loss due to ventilation.
The resolution of the problem of lack of oxygen when using air conditioners for combined use for cooling and warming.
It is possible to collect about 70% of the energy through the installation of the electric heat exchanger.
The establishment of the optimal indoor heat environment with the open air cooling effect during both the summer and winter.