Classification explanations
DLD-100 DLD-200
Electric Power  AC 220V / 50-60Hz
Operational Method Remote controller type
Number of Drying Poles 1 2
Length of Drying Rack 2m 1.6m(the center of the length of the drying plate can be adjusted up to 0.8m ~ 1.6m)
Rated Load 20Kg
Size 186(W) Ąż 84(H) Ąż 255(D)mm 810(W) Ąż 360(H) Ąż 107(D) mm
Beautiful design through anodizing
Convenient use through the remote controller
The reduction the drying time and the convenience of the ventilation functions
The free adjustment of the drying pole height
The promotion of the attractive design by internalizing the illumination function. (DLD-200)