Classification explanations
DLD-100 DLD-200
Electric Power AC 220V / 50-60Hz
Electricity Consumption 1,650W 1,650W + 1,100W
Controlling Methods Rotary Switch
Safety Device overheating prevention lamp / a warning light regarding remaining heat
Size 300(W) Ąż 38(H) Ąż 370(D) mm 300(W) Ąż 47(H) Ąż 525(D) mm
A healthy product for clean houses
As the cooking is done without fire, the product is safe as there is no risk of gas accidents and combustion pollution.
The design of the high tech special heating plate of the instant heat generation type.
The adoption of the automatic temperature adjuster and a mechanism for preventing overheating (A double safety device)
Ease of cleaning
The adoption of a ceramic hot plate that cannot become scratched.
Built-in type