The supply of fresh air can be received silently through a range of air flow adjustments. Connection to the home network is possible, which means that the product can be used conveniently.
Classification explanations
Total Width  20kg
Aperture for the Delivered Air  150mm
Aperture for the Exhaust Air  100mm
Filter  HEPA Filter
External Finishing  Double pulverulant body plating
Installation Form  Filling in of the ceiling, or hanger type
Air Flow Adjustment  Two-Phase air Flow Adjustment
The simultaneous ventilation of many indoor spaces through the installation of flexible ducts.
Diverse selections according to the indoor interior without any external product exposure.
The setting up of the strength, weakness, and artificial intelligence according to the use of the building.
The low-noise design method.
The control is convenient because of the connection to the home network system.
The function of sounding the alarm in the case of fire or theft