Classification explanations
Electric Power AC 220V / 60Hz
Electricity Consumption Cold water : 95W, hot water : 450W
Water temperature thermostat Automatic Adjustor of Temperature
adjuster for controlling the temperature of cold water 4 (4)
warm water temperature adjuster 85 (10)
cold water tank capacity 3.2 Liter
warm water tank capacity 2 Liter

cold water extraction capability

15cups (Less than 10 : 100cc/20seconds)
warm water extraction capability 10cups (More than 70 : 100cc/20seconds)
amount of water used 0.5 kgf/cm ~ 6 kgf/cm
temperature of the original water used 5 ~ 40
amount of filtrated water 2 liter/minute (6 kgf/cm)
product weight 25kg
Size 590(W) 460(H) 540(D) mm
Accurate product control through the Micom control
All-surface manipulation part of the method of interruption of electric power that has applied high tech function.
Attractive design with the built-in type which compliments the kitchen furniture.
Reduction of the use of cold and hot water through the separate adoption of cooking water.
The three-phased cancellation and selection system.
Cold water: 15 cups, hot water: 15 cups, cooking water: Required amount
Safety device for the prevention of overheating.
Thermostat method
The use of environment-friendly refrigerants
The use of environment-friendly refrigerants that do not destroy the ozone layer.
Highly efficient cooling method
The lowering of the temperature within a short amount of time and the provision of refreshing water through the highly efficient cooling method that uses a compressor.
The five-phased filter system.
A mineral water purifying system that has maximized the effects through the adoption of sediments, pre-carbons, Middle East desert membranes, post carbons, and T.C.R. filters.
Abundant water purifying capacity.
The abundant capability to supply purified water with the volume of over 120 liters per hour.
All-surface water drainage system.
A system which drains through the water drainage lines without moving the product.